Airazor in the Beast Wars TV show.

Airazor is a Transformer in the Beast Wars Universe. She is a member of the Maximals. Her beast mode is a Peregrine Falcon. Her stasis pod was badly damaged when it landed, but she came online thanks to Rhinox and Cheetor. She fell in love with fellow Maximal Tigatron and then, their sparks became the much powerful Tigerhawk.


  • Airazor in Robot Mode.
  • Airazor in Beast Mode.
  • Airazor Toy 1.
  • Airazor Toy 2.
  • Airazor Toy 3.
  • Transmetal Airazor Toy.
  • Airazor's mutating card
  • Airazor, MAXIMIZE!
  • Airazor and Tigatron
  • Two Vok watch the birth of Tigerhawk in Nexus Zero.
  • Airazor (Earth Wars) in both modes.
  • Airazor in Transformers: Forged to Fight.
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