Autobot shuttle

Autobot shuttle.

The Autobot shuttle is a multi-stage transport used by the Autobots around the 2005 era. Though they have a tendency to explode if you look at them wrong, the Autobot shuttles enjoy a good reputation due to their excellent safety rating. You can crash them, shoot them, set them on fire, blow them up, but the passengers will almost always walk away uninjured.

The Autobot shuttle can take off horizontally with the aid of retractable thrusters on its belly that lift the ship on a ground-effect cushion before it can get up enough speed to generate lift. The shuttle uses anti-gravity pads for landings. It can also be launched vertically with the aid of a gantry.

Autobot Shuttles are considered antiques by the Beast Era.

The EDC has also been known to use this type of shuttle.

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