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Autotroopers in the art picture.

Autotroopers are the Autobot footsoldiers their alt modes are the Sports car, Tank, Jet, Submarine, Helicopter and Truck. Their counterparts are the Vehicons.


  • Autotroopers in Sports Car Mode.
  • Autotroopers in tank Mode.
  • Autotroopers in Jet Mode.
  • Autotroopers in Submarine Mode.
  • Autotroopers in Helicopter Mode.
  • Autotroopers in Truck Mode.
  • Autotrooper Commander (yellow)
  • Autotrooper Captain (red)
  • Autotrooper Sergeant (green)
  • Autotrooper Lieutenant (blue)
  • Autotrooper Medic (Light green and light blue)
  • Autotrooper Security (Medium blue)
  • Autotrooper Firefighter (Fire engine red)
  • Autotrooper Private (white)
  • Autotrooper Miner (orange)
  • Autotrooper Diver (Violet)
  • Autotrooper Scientist (Indigo)
  • Autotrooper Pilot (Gray)
  • Autotrooper Weapon Specialist (black)
  • Autotrooper Paratrooper (Magenta)
  • Autobroopers Amassed.jpg All Autotroopers, Amassed!
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