Beachcomber (G1 cartoon)

Beachcomber in the art picture.

Beachcomber has a hard time reconciling his love of peace and freedom for all creatures with the need to combat those who threaten it. Furthermore, however just the cause for which it was fought, the gruesome and destructive aftermath of any battle sickens him to the spark.

Sometimes, when the internal struggle gets too heavy, he simply has to wander into the wilderness and cleanse his soul. Even there, far from civilization, he sometimes finds strange substances to aid the Autobot cause, for Beachcomber is a skilled naturalist, and geology is his specialty, man. He often tries to preserve or even to hide these discoveries, but he has seen too much evil done by the ruthless Decepticons to conceal any possible source of aid completely from his allies.

Beachcomber's geology tools include a wide array of sensors (magnetic, seismic, sonic, infrared) and a 'sonic pick' which can cut through rock. Beachcomber can use his magnetic sensors to navigate like a compass, but local magnetic disturbances can cause this to lead him astray. His sonic probes possess only limited range.

Beachcomber is neither very fast nor very strong, and his antiwar sentiments gain him little respect from the more martial of the Autobots, yet he is agile and skilled in a fight, and his courage is beyond all reproach.

His alt-mode is a Dune Buggy.

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