Chase in the art picture.

As a warrior, Chase's only outstanding asset is his staunch courage, but it's his attitude that earns him his many friends in the Autobot ranks. Yes, he's a motormouthed braggart and rather full of himself, but his storytelling skills are so fantastic that few mind when he monopolizes the conversation. Combine that ability with the enthusiastic, superficial friendliness and charisma of a talented politician, and it's no wonder Chase is well liked, despite his flaws.

Many of Chase's missions are rather routine; radar is his specialty. He can detect objects as small as Toaster on the horizon, and see a tennis ball two miles away—three of them, in fact, at the same time, in three different directions. He seldom needs to engage the enemy closely, but even the least dangerous "milk run" comes alive with purpose and excitement when Chase is telling its story.

Impulsive and quick-thinking, Chase's 240 mph top speed often places him far ahead of his comrades on his scouting missions, and frequently he's the first to roar down a promising byway, heedless of possible ambush or hazards. Sometimes this leads him into trouble. Most often this trouble is mechanical; Chase's body, especially his drivetrain, just isn't engineered to keep up with his mind.

His alt-mode is a Ferrari Testarossa.


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