Cyber raptor

Cyber raptor in the Beast Wars TV series.

The Cyber raptor is a cyborg dinosaur created by Megatron as part of the early stages of his development of Transmetal 2 technology. Partly made of Cybertronian alloys, the Cyber raptor possesses powerful optic weaponry. It can be stopped, as the protohumans discovered, by destroying the cyber control system mounted on its back.

Though Megatron used Dinobot's DNA with the Transmetal driver to create the Cyber raptor, it is not as intelligent as Clone One, the Dinobot Clone. The Cyber raptor appears to function as an ordinary organic raptor, hunting in a group but unable to communicate with or out-think either the Maximals or the protohumans. The knowhow gained from making the Cyber raptor was later used to create Dinobot II.

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