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Cybertronians are a species of organisms originating from the distant planet Cybertron that had their essences transferred into robotic bodies known as Space Transformers. To most humans (who refer to them as Transformers), they are aliens from another world, which is not exactly wrong. The word "Transformer" stems from the species' shared ability to transform, which is to change their bodies at will by rearranging their component parts from robot forms (usually humanoid as their primary) into alternate ones, which are vehicles, weapons, machinery and animals. Cybertronians once lived under an oppressive and corrupt government. That all changed when the Great War began, thus leading towards great disaster on Cybertron.

All factions of Transformers are Cybertronians: the Autobots & their Autotroopers, the Decepticons & their Vehicons, the Maximals, & the Predacons. Not all Cybertronians can transform, however, the "art" of transformation was not developed until the Second Cybertronian Civil War, the first war fought between the Autobots and the Decepticons. However, since that time, all Cybertronians are able to transform; only those predating the Second War may not have this ability.

Only In Second Generation[]

The Cybertronians, also known as Decepticons, Second Generation Transformers, and other combinations thereof, are Transformers descended from the Decepticons on Cybertron in the time after the Ark's fateful crash on Earth. They were created by the rediscovery of "budding", a mitotic means of reproduction that diminishes the influence of Primus's life force. As a result, the Cybertronians as a whole are marked by a distinct amorality.

They share many of the philosophies of their Decepticon ancestors but otherwise do not take kindly to being associated with them. The Cybertronians view themselves as something better, a stage of Transformer life far surpassing the others. In fact, their self-appointed pedestal is so high that they can barely conceive of non-Transformers as alive at all. They left Cybertron some time ago and have since dedicated themselves to cyberforming other planets, eliminating natives with clinical detachment.

Obviously this puts them at odds with the Autobots, who value all creatures as worthy of protection, but it also causes them to view other Decepticons with revulsion: Not only will the throwbacks sometimes ally themselves with alien races, but they also experience pleasure in sadism, a savage affront to the Cybertronians' "rational" ideals. And yet, despite their forward-looking ethos, the Cybertronians for some reason serve the Liege Maximo, one of the Thirteen and the progenitor of all Decepticons.

With a few exceptions, the Cybertronians have a fairly uniform appearance: They color themselves in green and silver with the occasional yellow highlight, and like proper villains, they have a thing for spikes, horns and skull motifs.


Cybertronians are a machine race, and as thus they do not breathe, consume food or drink like biological races. Instead, Cybertronians use a rare substance called energon as a fuel or "life force". In its raw form, it is actually harmful to them (although not to organic life) but in its processed form, it is essential to their survival. Cybertronian technology has developed to the point where they can convert most forms of energy into energon.

All Cybertronians carry a "spark" inside their bodies. As long as this spark endures and remains intact, the Cybertronian can be rebuilt, no matter how much damage the unit has sustained. If the spark is extinguished or otherwise destroyed in some way, the Cybertronian cannot be rebuilt and remains permanently dead. It is a common belief amongst the Maximals that their sparks are a part of or a fragment of Primus, the mythical creator of the Cybertronian race. They also possess superpowers of anytime.

When a Cybertronian dies, their living metal will usually become drained of color, & their sparks "extinguishes", passing from the physical dimension & return to primal wellspring from which all sparks came from, a kind of extradimensional "afterlife". If they were good, they would enter Transformers Heaven (mostly known as either the Matrix, the Allspark or the Well of All Sparks); but if they were bad/evil (like the corrupt government officials or the Decepticons), they would enter Transformers Hell. When a spark enters the afterlife, it brings with it all the knowledge a Cybertronian has amassed during their life, & all emotions they've experienced. These are suffused into the Allspark, the spark loses its individuality, becoming part of a grand whole. But Transformers who have had close contact with sacred Cybertronian objects, like the Matrix of Leadership, Vector Sigma & the Allspark, are able to retain their individuality in the afterlife & stand steward other this collection of wisdom, even serving as guides to any visitors to their realm. However, when a spark dies, both the CNA & the living metal dies too & turn into a snowflake-like object in a form of widowed metal. Even after death, the CNA in the remains of living metal can be used to create product-like clones.


It's really hard to tell how they were created, but there are few theories

  • Quintesson-made / Created by the "Creators"
  • Created by Primus (the god of life, order & light) & his Allspark
  • Created by the Matrix of Leadership or the Vector Sigma
  • Spark-made

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