BWII DJ model

DJ in the Beast Wars II anime.

DJ is a Transformer in the Beast Wars Universe. He was originally a member of the Maximals stationed on the planet Gaea. His beast mode is a Cicada. He is the eldest of the three Jointron brothers but also the least mature. He has a habit of drinking too much oil and then "wetting himself". Like his brothers, DJ often injects bad Spanish sentences into his talk, often only confusing whoever he’s speaking with. He enjoys music much more than any of the other Maximals and will play it whenever possible. He's much more interested in music than war. Being a Jointron, he is perpetually in a partying mood and rarely gets serious about anything. Because of the frequently obnoxious personalities of him and his brothers, the Jointrons have been situated in a base far, far away from the other Maximals.

He can combine with Gimlet and Motorarm into Tripledacus.

His weapons of choice are the sound-emitting Seven-Year Swords (that's how long it took to tune them) he stores in his wings. They are also his frequent instruments of choice.

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