Demolishor in the art picture.

Demolishor isn't the brightest soldier in Megatron's ranks, but he is one of the most reliable. He holds very true-to-spark values concerning loyalty and devotion to the Decepticon cause; to him, a leader is to be obeyed without hesitation, and he will give his all on any battefield he may be ordered onto. His values, however, sometimes collide with Megatron's ultimately selfish goals, and though Demolishor does not necessarily resent his leader for sometimes acting contrary to what he sees as the principles of his faction, he does occasionally find himself struggling to reconcile the two. Ultimately, Demolishor may find that devotion to the Decepticon way of life is not the same thing as devotion to Megatron.

His alt-mode is a Cybertronian Anti-aircraft Missile Tank .


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