Devcon in the art picture.

Devcon is a self-proclaimed bounty hunter, one of the successful few during the years of the Great War. Harboring an intense hatred of Decepticons, he spent his time fiercely hunting those who were too dangerous for the other Autobots to consider. Who he works for or who he would even collect money from for his "finds" is unknown.

It's possible for Devcon to survive for extended periods without refueling due to his incredibly efficient internal systems. This is often what allows him to outlast the efforts of his prey. The origin of his legendary tracking skills are unknown; much of his past is a mystery. In his original body, he has an arm-mounted plasma blaster and a head-mounted laser cannon. His space cruiser mode is capable of long range interstellar flight.

He used to be friendly, courteous, and jovial, but his post-Great War career as an Imperial Peace Marshal apparently made him a bitter cynic.

His alt-mode is a Futuristic Jet.

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