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Dirge is a master of using fear as a weapon. Mournful, morose, and silent, his behavior gives even close comrades like Ramjet the creeps. Dirge actively cultivates this atmosphere; his engines are even tuned to generate fear in all who hear them. Few realize, however, that this need to instill fear is part of an overwhelming need for control over his own situation. Should things spiral out of control, Dirge falls victim to paralyzing fear himself and his usefulness as a warrior vanishes.

However, those who know Dirge realize that his gloominess and cowardice are indicators that he was never cut out for conquest. Deep down, all he wants is old, quiet life back, and doesn't want any trouble for it. But he knows that's probably not an option for him, regardless of whoever wins.

Besides, he has every reason to be gloomy. True to his name, he tends to die. A lot.

His alt-mode is a Modified F-15 Eagle.


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