G1 Drag Strip

Drag Strip in the art picture.

Drag Strip has never heard of the term "graceful in victory". He doesn't just like to win, he loves it. Drag Strip would sooner die a miserable death than ever sacrifice a victory, as he thrives on the bragging rights which accompany first place. He can't keep himself from stroking his own ego and bragging about his accomplishments in excruciating detail.

The other Decepticons, Megatron included, hate his metal guts and would gladly pummel him to scrap for being plain obnoxious if it weren't for the fact that his insatiable lust for victory makes him a formidable foe against the Autobots. Not that he cares; they're just jealous.

Drag Strip combines with his fellow Stunticons to form Menasor.

His alt-mode is a Tyrrell P34.


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