First Aid in the art picture.

First Aid is one of the most empathic and compassionate beings you'll ever meet. He cares deeply about all living things. Heck, he even cares deeply about the "pain" of inanimate objects. A broken or malfunctioning can-opener will earn just as much sympathy and attention as a fellow Autobot. Otherwise, First Aid is a soft-spoken and sometimes overly cautious sort (especially when it comes to the well-being of a fellow Autobot). Still, all the Autobots know he will work long and hard to do his best for them and that their well-being matters to him more than anything, and those are quite comforting thoughts.

First Aid is a member of the subgroup Protectobots and forms the left arm of the combiner robots Defensor, Gaia Guardian and God Guardian.

His alt-mode is a Toyota TownAce Ambulance

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