Freeway in the art picture.

A cruel and foulmouthed Throttlebot, Freeway is the Autobots' self-appointed "King of Comedy" and possibly makes himself quite unpopular as a result. No one is immune from his special brand of humor, not even high-ranking officers. He's always on the lookout for even the smallest and most trivial of mistakes; these can be an opening for him to unleash a torrent of pointed, mocking abuse. Freeway is convinced that he's absolutely hilarious. Point out that he's not really all that funny, and he'll do you even worse, insult your heritage, make scandalous suggestions about your progenitor, and claim you have no sense of humor and are, in fact, a wuss. Freeway will make himself laugh so hard that he blows a circuit and shorts himself out.

Freeway can dish it out, but he sure can't take it. Treat him the way he treats others, and Freeway will very quickly become angry, twisted and resentful. Very much a fuming ball of wires.

His alt-mode is a Chevrolet Corvette.


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