Headstrong in the art picture.

You can tell Headstrong that a three-foot-thick steel tank is full of dangerously radioactive waste, but it won't do a lick of good if he thinks you've hidden the energon goodies in it. He'll attack it with his unbreakable ramming head and acid-dripping horn until he's conclusively proven wrong, then retreat with his well-earned wounds to suck his thumb, still convinced deep in his tiny brain that somebody had tricked him.

Despite such mishaps, Headstrong still plugs away. He believes that tenacity can compensate those minor qualities in which he's lacking, such as strength, intelligence, or courage. To his credit, not a few of his allies seem to subscribe to this philosophy, and Headstrong isn't dead yet.

Best and brightest he may not be, but he's always ready to grab his diffraction sword and start waving it around. It affects his opponent's optics, so that where they see Headstrong, that's where he ain't. It's unfortunate that his own eyesight isn't much better. A distant foe must beware Headstrong's glowing plasma spheres, which explode on contact. Woe to the one who touches Headstrong's balls!

Headstrong and his fellow Predacons can combine to form Predaking, but he'll only do it when he wants to do it.

His alt-mode is a Rhino.


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