Prime Insecticons.

Denizens of the under levels of Cybertron, the Insecticons live in destructive swarms. Ravenous and aggressive, Insecticons can digest 95% of known matter, reshaping their findings into enormous subterrannean hives. Existing as a near hive mind, they represent a deadly and invaluable resource for those willing to find a way to tame them.

Insecticons have the unique ability to clone themselves, but each successive clone is inferior to its progenitor, leading to increasingly bestial creatures. Some types are capable of assuming bipedal robot modes, and a further few seem to be fully intelligent individuals.

Since most of their number are basically animals, Insecticons respond best to displays of power, and their swarms are normally dominated by the smartest and strongest among them.

Their alt-modes is a Mechanical Rhinoceros Beetle.


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