Landfill in the art picture.

Why doesn't anybody like Landfill? Why do they step (very far) to the side when he passes by? He can't understand it. He's a really nice guy. He's always happy. He's good at his job, and he always does what he is told. Why, then, do his friends avoid him? This makes him very sad.

His comrades know the answer very well, but how do you tell a 'bot that he should clean his bodywork every once in a while, without upsetting him and making him think he's being insulted? It wouldn't help, anyway... he'd not see the need to clean up even if directly ordered to do so. It's a shame Landfill can't just realize on his own that if one is not to be selective about which cargoes he hauls, then one must be willing to use a little surfactant and solvent on occasion.

His Targetmaster partners Flintlock and Silencer try to make Landfill understand that if he wants to make friends, he has to work on his hygiene, but this effort is to no avail.

His alt-mode is a Dump Truck.

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