Bw2 ep6 mantis

Mantis in the Beast Wars II anime.

Mantis is a Transformer in the Beast Wars Universe. He is a member of the Maximals stationed on the planet Gaea. His beast mode is a Praying Mantis. He is a Frontline Combat because he is one of the Insectrons. He is by far the most hostile. He likes peace and quiet and if disturbed he’ll explode into a fit of rage that’s nearly impossible to avoid. Though he seems like an absolute nutcase, he only wants one thing: relaxation. As a member of the Insectrons, he and his cohorts left Cybertron in an attempt to escape the wars that never seemed to go away. He had thought he had found a safe haven on Gaea. Now that the battle has been shifted to his new home, he doesn’t care what side he fights on just as long as everyone leaves him alone!

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