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Maximal Symbol in Beast Machines

Arising from the ashes of the Great War, the Maximals are the descendants (at least in part) of the Autobots, controlling Cybertron under the Pax Cybertronia. The Maximals and their counterpart race the Predacons both owe their origins to the Great Upgrade, which provided the downsized, fuel-efficient bodies that became the hallmark of the successor factions.

In many ways, the Maximals share traits with their Autobot ancestors; primarily a "civilian" race, the Maximals are committed to upholding the peaceful, democratic values of their forebears. All this said, they aren't perfect: they still have their jerks, and Maximal science has occasionally resulted in the odd unethical scientific horrors.

The most distinctive factor of both Maximal and Predacon physiology is their development of pseudo-organic beast modes, allowing both sides to adopt alternate modes that blend in seamlessly with the organic lifeforms found elsewhere in the universe. This technology, an offshoot of earlier Pretender tech,[1] sheathes a beast mode in an artificial organic skin, integrating its natural instincts directly into the Maximal form.

When Maximals take on beast modes, they tend to select mammals, birds or fish, although this is not a hard-and-fast rule. Occasionally, Maximals might choose to become insects, reptiles, or dinosaurs.

The Maximal activation code is "Maximize", in the Time of Megatrons Rule, the Activation code was "I am transformed".


Beast Wars[]

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Beast Machines[]

  • Optimus Primal - (Leader)
  • Rhinox - became after the Return to Cybertron Tankor, and then he is one with the Matrix
  • Rattrap
  • Cheetor- Sub-Commander
  • Silverbolt
  • Blackarachnia
  • Nightscream
  • Botanica

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