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Megatron is the ruthless leader of the Decepticons and arch nemesis of Optimus Prime.

Bios Edit

It was Teletran One who gave him his gun mode, preventing Megatron from spying on both human and Autobot alike. After finally rebuilt from Galvatron and back into Megatron, he decided to choose his own disguise; but after Starscream messed with the bases vehicle scanner, the Decepticon leader accidentally scanned the Autobot scientist Percepter in his own alt mode. Despite Starscreams stupidity, Megatron loved his new form, which is much more useful than his old gun mode.

Transformation Edit

Megatron can now tramsform into a medical microscope (or whatever you call it), just like Percepter.

Weapons, Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Microscopic vision
  • X-Ray vision
  • Lens Blaster
  • Laser Disc launcher
  • Recordicon chest hatch (just like Soundwave)
  • Flight in Robot Mode

Notes Edit

  • His toy is a combination of the body of Magnifius and the head of Titans Return Megatron.
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  • With the chest compartment, Megatron is now a Minicon Collector, just like Soundwave and Blaster.
  • Megatron never did like his gun mode, as it rendered him nearly useless on the battlefield when transformed.
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