Friar Tacky and the Merry Maximals

Friar Tacky and the Merry Maximals.

The Merry Maximals are members of MaxJustice who guide Sureshot. Their beast modes are an Echidna, a Plesiosaurus, a Peacock, a Canary, a Codfish, a Polar Bear, a Fox, a Beaver, a Platypus, a Kangaroo, a Ladybird, an English Bulldog, a Rabbit, a Raccoon, a Shark, an Aardvark, and a Butterfly.>


  • Merry Maximals 1
  • Merry Maximals 2
  • Merry Maximals 3
  • Merry Maximals 4
  • Merry Maximals 5
  • Frair Tacky in both modes.
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