Metroplex in the art picture.

Metroplex’s poor, slow, and infrequent efforts to support his brave comrades and forward the Autobot cause are never enough. Sure, he's the Autobots' ultimate weapon, their greatest and final defense. Yes, he's a gigantic, towering warrior, capable of channeling awesome energies. Strong beyond belief, versatile, clever, brave and self-sacrificing, Metroplex is willing to give everything he has to the Autobot cause and defend it to his last astroseconds of life. Despite all this he’s wracked to the core of his being with the belief that he could and should be doing more. It’s a self-deprecating attitude that stuns many of his fellow Autobots, most of whom take immeasurable comfort in his very existence and the knowledge that regardless of what evil comes, Metroplex is out there to back them up.

This Titan's great modesty about his power and achievements together with a boundless patience necessitated by his size and alternate mode are apparent to anyone who pierces his normally less than talkative demeanor, and in the optics of many, these traits only raise his already high standing.

Metroplex's long-standing nemesis is the equally-gargantuan Decepticon, Trypticon. He has three "normal"-sized components: Six-Gun, Slammer and Scamper, to help patrol and defend his territory. The extent of that territory varies; sometimes Metroplex is an independent base, and other times he's part of (or all of) Autobot City.

His alt-mode is a Robot / Mobile Battle Station / City.


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