Mindwipe in the art picture.

No one knows the dead quite as well as the Decepticon hypnotist, Mindwipe. A mysterious and mystical one, Mindwipe claims to have the powers to commune with Transformers who have long since left this plane of existence. From Black Sabbaths to seances to super-conductive antennae, Mindwipe knows of many methods to reach those who now rest in peace.

Well... not really. He desperately wants to speak with the departed sparks of dead Decepticons, but all his labors to create antennae and receivers for the departed have had... "limited" success. In reality, all he's picking up are radio broadcasts of old Earth sitcoms, which he's actually become quite fond of. Still, some day, Mindwipe hopes to finally bridge the gap between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead.

Despite those shortcomings, Mindwipe is a formidable opponent, able to hypnotize and control both organic and mechanical lifeforms just by making eye contact, and boasting an eerie and precognitive "sixth sense". But sometimes he forgets this and, when the odds look stacked against him, Mindwipe's more than happy to turn tail and get while the getting's good. His loyalty lasts exactly as long as his bravery.

He is binary bonded to the Nebulan Vorath, a scientist. Yes, a scientist. They disagree on pretty much everything.

His alt-mode is a Bat.


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