Maximal and Predacon Mini-spies

The Maximal and Predacon Mini-spies- Yellow, Blue, and White

A Mini-spy is either a Maximal or Predacon spy. S/he is very specialized in his/her technics. They come in yellow, blue, white, or combined in color. Their beast modes are a Lion for the Lion type, Tiger for the Tiger type, Grizzly Bear for the Grizzly type, and Wolf for the Wolf type. Reveal the shield, and you see his or her alignment. You don't know if they're Maximal or Predacon until you rub off their symbol. Once, a Predacon Lion-type Mini-spy intruded the Axalon, The Maximal Exploration Vessel, and Cliffjumper (BW) and Huffer, both of whom have antlers, rub off the symbol of the Mini-spy, revealing that the lion is actually a Preda-creep! Thousands more since were developed by the Maximals and Predacons to counter each other's technics of spying.

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