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File:G1 Cartoon Motormaster.jpg

Motormaster in the art picture.

When Motormaster booms out orders in his hollow, bottomless-deep voice of doom, his Stunticon soldiers listen in very real fear. A cold and brutal tyrant, without an ounce of mercy or care for any lesser being, he considers himself the true "King of the Road." He longs to one day prove his claim by destroying Optimus Prime, though he knows that Megatron might kill Prime first. His fellow Stunticons are too terrified of him to dare disobey his orders.

He can combine with his fellow Stunticons to form Menasor, and the other Stunticons' resentment of Motormaster is part of the reason that Menasor suffers from psychological instabilities.

Motormaster is sometimes known as Motorbreath.

His alt-mode is a Kenworth K100.