Pipes (G1 cartoon)

Pipes in the art picture.

Pipes is an excellent soldier—tough, brave, and very strong—and otherwise worthy of little note, except for his unusual ability and eccentric hobby. When he came to Earth, Pipes became enamored of the fleshlings' primitive and ingenious technology and could not resist taking home cast-off examples when on missions. Eventually, a previously disused area of the Ark became his own personal museum of nose hair trimmers, patent rulers, and other worthless but fascinating ephemera of the throwaway society. He will gladly talk for endless hours about each prized find.

Only Wreck-Gar can be said really to enjoy an extended tour of Pipes's little museum, but Pipes is a good soldier and a friendly soul, and his comrades generally allow him his little eccentricity.

Pipes's most notable ability, which he is not the most proficient at controlling, is to emit clouds of corrosive gases from his exhaust pipes. This is possible in both modes, but is more useful (except to annoy motorists) in robot mode, where the pipes are on his arms. If he stays at it for at least ten minutes, these noxious gases will eat through a 2" slab of ordinary steel. His own skin is well protected against these gases, but in battle, the coatings may flake off. If he does not notice this (as frequently occurs) he can become vulnerable to his own attack, with unpleasant results.

His alt-mode is a Cab-Over-Engine Semi Truck Cab.


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