Beast Wars Alligator Predatroopers

Army of Alligator Predatroopers.


Predatroopers are the footsoldiers to Megatron and the band of Predacons. their bodies resembles to Iguanus, Inferno, Scorponok, Transmetal Waspinator, Transmetal Terrorsaur and Rampage but with their heads based on Vehicons from Transformers Prime. Their beast modes are Alligator, Central bearded dragons, Komodo Dragons, Marine iguanas, Bull Ants, Wasps, Pterodactyl, King Crabs, and the Transmetal 2 Velociraptor. Their enemy counterparts are the Maxitroopers, the Maximal footsoldiers. Their armed vehicles are Pterosaur Fighters, Iguanodon Artillery and Chasmosaurus Tanks armed with giant cannons.


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