Punch/Counterpunch in the art picture.

Punch possesses a unique transformation ability that allows him to adopt a second robot mode—posing as a Decepticon named Counterpunch to spy on the 'Cons as a double agent.

On the surface, Punch is a stoic individual that can take charge and keep others calm in a crisis. However, this is an act that hides how paranoid he's become. His responsibilities as a spy, in addition to the things he's seen among the Decepticons, have made him a mess internally. Punch’s entire personality changes when he becomes Counterpunch—although still loyal to the Autobots, Counterpunch is a violent brute that even Decepticons prefer to avoid. More recently Punch has suffered blackouts while disguised, the invented Counterpunch personality taking on a life of its own.[1] Punch is suspicious of all those around him, fearing that there could be a double agent among the Autobots operating as easily as he does among the Decepticons.

Punch is armed with a twin mortar launcher. Counterpunch wields a photon cannon which fires a circuit-scrambling energy stream. All Autobots are given an energy damper that protects them from the gun's effects but generates pyrotechnics to keep Punch's cover.

His alt-mode is a Pontiac Fiero.


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