Raiden in the art picture.

The main function of the Trainbots is transport, but when an obstruction arises that prevents them from delivering their passengers, they won't hesitate to combine into the mighty Raiden (ライデン) to clear the tracks. And no obstacle is too big for Raiden's matchless ambition: he is, after all, the guy who maintains an active rivalry with Devastator, and plans on challenging Predaking next! Fittingly enough, his other great personality trait is his peerless punctuality. This is one Robot Train that always runs on time!

Raiden is the combined form of all six Trainbots:

  • Shouki (Zero Shinkansen bullet train, leader, torso)
  • Getsuei (EF-65-1000 Electric Locomotive, right leg)
  • Yukikaze (200 Shinkansen bullet train engine, left leg)
  • Suiken (Tokai-type 153 Express locomotive, left arm)
  • Seizan (485 Limited Express Electric Locomotive, right arm)
  • Kaen (DE-10 diesel locomotive, pelvis)
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