BWRampage Badspark

Rampage in the Beast Wars TV Show.

Rampage is a Transformer of the Beast Wars Universe. He is a member of the Predacons. His beast mode is a King Crab. He is also known as Protoform X because he is a Scientific Experimentation gone terribly wrong. He is a serial killer and cannibal, with an immortal spark that ensures his twisted brand of horror and misery will live on as long as he does (forever, presumably). Though hard to destroy Rampage's Spark is not completely invincible. As shown during his fight with his old enemy, Depth Charge, Rampage's Spark can be destroyed when pierced by raw Energon (though it is unknown if this is because the Spark was experimental or Energon is so powerful in its raw state). Rampage detects and draws strength from the emotions of others, literally feeding on the pain and suffering he causes. As an unwilling conscript of the Predacons, he is contemptuous (at best) of the rest of his team, typically bored and uncooperative on missions, and he frequently sneaks off for his own purposes to try to relieve his boredom in the most cruel and horrible ways possible.

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