File:Autobot Red Alert (G1 cartoon).jpg

Red Alert is paranoid, which is a good trait in a Security Director if it's kept in check by reason, logic, and common sense. Red Alert is... always so bad with those other traits. The Autobots appreciate his discriminating eye for detail as well as his all-consuming dedication to safety, but his ratio of false alarms to real emergencies leaves something to be desired. And thanks to the "bot who cried wolf" effect, it makes them less likely to take Red Alert seriously when his sensors detect a genuine threat.

Red Alert is close friends with Inferno despite their polarized personalities mixing about as well as oil and vinegar. Incidentally, both Autobots feel obligated to keep the other out of trouble and this concern melds them into a reasonably effective duo.

His alt-mode is a Fire Chief-styled Lamborghini Countach car.

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