Scattershot in the art picture.

Scattershot needs no desktop generals or academy-trained slag skimmers to tell him how to fight. He just wades into a Decepticon patrol and doesn't come out until he's broken all his crayons and scribbled all over the mazes he couldn't solve. Then he puts down the coloring books and does the same thing to a hostile Decepticon force, only with guns and acid pellets instead of crayons. That's what he calls "strategy". Though Scattershot forms the main body of the giant Computron, if his own mind holds any fragment of the thoughtful titan's slow, considered approach, he hides it very well.

Grimlock would certainly like his style, and even the tin-plated bucketheads that think he's a blustering buffoon must admit that Scattershot is uniquely tough, the sort that Rollbar would say "broke the mold he was poured in". He won't stop fighting until he's utterly spent, down to his last microjoule of energy and drop of energon. He expects no less from the Technobots under his command. Sometimes, he steals Optimus Maximus's limbs to form Betatron.

His alt-mode is a Cybertronian Jet / Artillery Cannon.


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