Scoop in the art picture.

If you're out of ammo and pinned by heavy enemy fire deep in the bowels of a slag swamp, Scoop is the robot you want on your side. He's possibly the best field infantry robot there is. A gung-ho fighter who uses cool-headed logic and battle-hardened tactics, he can outwit the enemy at every turn. Relentless in his resolve, he's always willing to help others out, no matter how dangerous the situation. Scoop is also strongly religious, and he believes in the buried legends regarding Primus written about him in His Covenant.

Scoop's greatest asset, his dedication-- both religious and job-related-- is also his greatest weakness. Since he pushes so hard and for so long, he's prone to overheating, especially if pushing his shovel past its limit. He's also often so engrossed in his spiritual literature that he likely won't see hints of betrayal around him unless his texts explicitly spell it out.

His Targetmaster partners are Holepunch and Tracer.

His alt-mode is a Front-end loader.


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