Searchlight in the art picture.

Searchlight is a quiet and withdrawn member of the Throttlebots. A silent spy, he is most at home in the blackest night, not because of what the darkness covers, but for what it reveals. When he cruises through darkened cities or over deserted plains, he has no need to switch on his two 10,000 watt driving lamps: his front-mounted sensor array brings him a subtle panorama that the daylight only overwhelms in its fiery radiance. Searchlight sees all, be it in the dimmest spark of visible light, or in the infrared spectrum, or elsewhere in the realm of electromagnetic radiation. His X-ray capacity lets him look through objects, and his spectroscope allows him to analyze their composition. All of this he can record in stereoscopic, digital video. This amazing array even gives him some offensive capacity; he can blind foes with a dazzling, stroboscopic flash from his driving lamps, but this is painful and disorienting to his well-tuned optics.

So fascinating are the secrets which the nighttime world reveals to Searchlight that he often loses track of his assigned mission. A further drawback of working alone comes from his very best quality; his keen senses. A slight sound or movement, if made by something undetectable by his trained sensors, can make him anxious, and eventually send him into a panic. Therefore, though he is serious-minded and works best alone, his superiors must sometimes check on him.

His alt-mode is a Ford RS200.


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