Side Burn in the art picture.

Side Burn is an adolescent speedster and turbo-revving young punk. His brain development has yet to catch up with his ego and robo-hormones, and if he gets bored or preoccupied he'll wander away from his assignment or get in the way of someone else's without a second thought. This is particularly annoying to his law-abiding brother Prowl and the fussbudget Autobot computer known as T-AI. Even the more easygoing X-Brawn can grow tired of his antics. They're no fun anyway, and he can always outrun them. He can outrun just about everybody and everything except his own foolishness.

His greatest folly is his fixation on red cars. Transformer or not, sentient or not, he can't resist chasing after a pretty little thing of the red persuasion, proclaiming loudly and often his libidinous designs. This is usually a bad idea, and occasionally a very bad idea, like that one time the red car turned out to be Megatron in drag. Yikes. His "super" redeco was red. It's best not to think about it.

His alt-mode is a Dodge Viper.

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