Bumblebee in the art picture.

Skydive, it has been said, would rather read about an aerial battle than take part in one. He's the Aerialbots' resident bookworm and is fascinated by the history and science behind aerial warfare. Within the limits of his design, he's capable of duplicating the flight patterns of anything he sees. His knowledge of aerial warfare and tactics is unmatched. Skydive is probably the most skilled Autobot flier in existence. All of that, and you're more likely to find him secluded in a cozy library than actually in the sky. He's simply too modest and bookish to realize how smart and skilled he really is. Thankfully the rest of the Autobots definitely do.

Skydive combines with his fellow Aerialbots to form Superion.

His alt-mode is a F-16 Fighting Falcon.


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