G1 Cartoon Skywarp

Skywarp in the art picture.

Teleportation is a dangerous tool in the hands of a capable adversary. Thankfully for the Autobots, Skywarp is the only Decepticon who possesses that ability. Skywarp's not so bright, so without supervision he's worthless as a warrior. He mostly uses his teleportation power for immature pranks on both friend and foe. He takes a charmingly puerile angle at thuggery, so his pranks are well-received amongst his Decepticon peers (excepting the victim, of course).

Because, come on, a surprise push down a staircase is hilarious.

Sometimes he is known as Hellwarp.

His alt-mode is a Modified F-15 Eagle.


  • Skywarp in Vehicle Mode.
  • Megatron flies past Skywarp's deactivated body.
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