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Every Autobot has a purpose, be it as a leader, a warrior, a healer, or a scout. Smokescreen's purpose, however, is to charm and deceive. His job is to conceal the Autobots' true mission and lead the enemy astray, and he's not above flat-out cheating to get the job done. Off the battlefield, he uses his naturally friendly and sociable nature to get in close with his Autobot comrades... then reports back to Optimus Prime, giving the Autobot leader an on-the-ground perspective on what his troops are thinking.

Smokescreen's armaments are similar to his tactics. If he can't outthink, charm, or just plain outrun you, he'll surround you with a magnetized cloud of smoke, and blast you with his circuit-scrambling weapons while you're stumbling around blindly.

His alt-mode is a Racing-modified Nissan 280ZX-R.

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