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"Big Boss" Graves (The Adventures of T-Rex) to Axelotl
Axepig to Bonk
Bonnie the Sea Lion to Chop Shop
Choujin Dragonbolt and Crashtron to Deker
Delta Seeker (BW) to Energon Cubes
Energon discharge virus to Getsuei
Getsuei (BW) to Hexapede
Hexxus to Jallguar (BW)
James' sportive lemur to Lex Luthor
Lexi Bunny to Megavolt
Meicoomon to Nova Storm(Decepticon)
Nu Wa, Snake-Tailed Goddess of Nature to Planet Aman Sinaya
Planet Amaterasu to Planet Yemoja
Planet Yen-Lo Wang to Razorblade
Razorclaw to Sea Lion
Sea Phantom to Space Cafe
Space Case (BW) to Tarakudo
Taran to The Tellytubbies
The Tesseract to Vaporized Shadows of Two Dogs Mating
Vaporized Shadows of a Cheetah Chasing a Rat to Zoltar (Battle of the Planets)
Zonehugger to Äkräs, God of Finnish Fertility
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