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"Big Boss" Graves (The Adventures of T-Rex) to Axepig
Axer (BW) to Boobytrap
Boomer (BW) to Christopher Robin
Chromedome to Demona
Denethor to Epona, Goddess of Horses
Equal Measures to Gia the Jaguar
Giant Anteater to High Tide (BW)
High Wire (BW) to Javert
Jawbreaker to Lina Inverse
Link (The Legend of Zelda) to Merlock
Merry Bear to Octopus
Octoroo to Planet Arus
Planet Asclepius to Po the Panda
Poach-R to Redderine
Reddish-gray mouse lemur to Sentinel Primal (BWSG)
Sentius Magnus (BW) to Spider-Gwen
Spider-Man to Telescopium-57 and Microscopium-58
Teletraan I to The Vok
The Vortex Queen to Vilgax
Vinicius and Tom to Äkräs, God of Finnish Fertility
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