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"Big Boss" Graves (The Adventures of T-Rex) to Axepig
Axer (BW) to Boomer (BW)
Boomerang to Chromedome
Chromedome (Autobot) to Denethor
Denver, Colorado to Equestria
Equon to Giant Bush Baby
Giant Panda to Highbrow
Highjump (BW) to Jay Gatsby
Jayce to Lio Convoy
Lio Junior to Merry Maximals
Mesogog to Odie the Dog
Odin, God of Asgard to Planet Ataksak
Planet Athena to Pointblank
Pointblank (BW) to Redhorn
Redline(BW) to Seoul
Sephiroth to Spike (My Little Pony)
Spike Witwicky to Ten-Four
Tengri, God of the Mongolian Gods to The Web
The Weinstein Company to Viracocha, God of the Inca Gods
Vision (Marvel) to Äkräs, God of Finnish Fertility
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