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"Big Boss" Graves (The Adventures of T-Rex) to Axepig
Axer (BW) to Boomerang
Booster Gold (DC) to Chromedome (Autobot)
Chromia to Denver, Colorado
Denver the Last Dinosaur to Equon
Equuleus-23 and Eridanus-24 to Giganotosaurus
Gigantico to Hightower
Hightower (BW) to Jean-Bob
Jean-Claude Emanuel Zorg to Lion Maru
Lionfight to Meteor Man Zone
Metridiochoerus to Oil Slick (BW)
Oiler (BW) to Planet Bacchus
Planet Bahloo to Polaris
Polecat to Rene Belloq
Repeater (BW) to Shadow Striker (BW)
Shan-Yu to Springer
Springer (BW) to Terrior
Terror-Tread (BW) to Thorion
Thoth, God of Wisdom to Vroom (BW)
Vuchko the Wolf to Äkräs, God of Finnish Fertility
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