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"Big Boss" Graves (The Adventures of T-Rex) to Axepig
Axer (BW) to Boomer (BW)
Boomerang to Chromedome
Chromedome (Autobot) to Denethor
Denver, Colorado to Equestria
Equon to Giant Panda
Giant Squid to Highjump (BW)
Highland Film Group to Jayce
Jazz to Lio Junior
Liokaiser (BW) to Messina and El Supremo
Metabee to Officer Dibble
Offmon to Planet Avlekete
Planet Awilix to Poison Ivy (DC)
Poke-Digi Tank with Yo-Kai Technology to Refute (BW)
Regal Tang to Servo (Super Human Samurai Syber Squad)
Servo rust to Spinout
Spiny (Maximal based on G1 Quillfire) to Tentomon
Tenwrecker to The Wicked Witch of the West
The Wombles to Volaticotherium
Volaticotherium Gunship to Äkräs, God of Finnish Fertility
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