Sureshot in the art picture.

Sureshot is an ego that holds a gun.

He's too skillful for his chestplate, too skillful for his chestplate.
His shooting is great.
And he's too much for Iacon and even Cybertron,
Femax and Nebulon.

And he's too skillful to take orders
Or work with stupid stubbies.
The big red guy can stuff it.

He's a marksman—you know what that means—
And he shoots his laser gun on the front lines...
On the front lines, on the front lines, yeah.
He shoots his laser gun on the front lines.

And he's too skillful for this song...

Sureshot would probably be pleased if a toy company produced a replica of his marvelous self, but extremely annoyed if said replica were a redeco of an Optimus Prime toy.

Sureshot's Targetmaster partner Spoilsport is just as good at marksmanship as him, and he hates that.

His alt-mode is a Cybertronian Dune Buggy.


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