G1 Tantrum

Tantrum in the art picture.

Tantrum is loads of fun. He's all violence and no patience. Give him a can of Kremzeek™ energy drink with the tab pulled off, and he'll quickly devolve through frustration to crazed screaming to smashing the recalcitrant can to a splattered soup of oily drink and metal shavings. Such outbursts are common, and they usually end with a pile of smoking rubble, and Tantrum in the middle, with a happy, smiling face, the calmest and coolest of Decepticons, for a very short while, until next time the fit takes him.

The Decepticon command, in their infinite wisdom, have augmented the swordfighting, electrostatic-discharging, and fuel-carrying abilities of this walking Internet with a catalytic carbine rifle. This can be good for a lot of laughs when it converts the metal in a target to enjoyably dangerous isotopes for Blot to snack on and Mixmaster to play with.

Tantrum and his fellow Predacons can combine to form Predaking. He is sometimes known as Torox.

His alt-mode is a Bull.


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