The Spark is the fifteenth episode of the Beast Wars TV series.


In orbit around the planet, a stasis pod is clipped by a piece of space debris, causing the pod to descend to the surface. Tarantulas and Megatron detect this, and dispatch Scorponok and Blackarachnia to capture it.

Meanwhile, Rhinox happens to be scouting the landing area in his beast mode, observing that the local raw energon deters the Predacons from properly fortifying the terrain. He witnesses the pod descending and, unable to radio for support, goes to recover the pod by himself. In another area, Cheetor sees the pod and, after radioing the news to Tigatron, heads to where he anticipates the pod will land.

Rhinox is first to reach the pod, but finds that because of the local energon, his robot mode is in risk of damage from prolonged exposure to the energon radiation. Worse, the protoform within the pod could expire if the pod itself isn't repaired soon.

Tigatron freezes Scorponok's journey to the stasis pod, but Blackarachnia paralyzes Tigatron with a dose of her cyber venom.

Cheetor arrives at the landing crater, and Rhinox tells him that his body contains a component the pod needs to save the protoform. Cheetor voluntarily deactivates to allow Rhinox to harvest the hardware that will protect the new Maximal from energon damage. While in deep sleep, Cheetor envisions himself learning about the concept of a Transformer spark from Rhinox. After Cheetor reactivates, a tense Rhinox installs the chip and gives the dormant Transformer a second chance.

Blackarachnia arrives and exchanges trash talk as she battles Cheetor, who uses his robot mode conservatively. Cheetor manages to shove her own venom dart into her forehead, knocking her out. Next, Cheetor faces Waspinator and Terrorsaur. With his robot mode pushed to the max, Cheetor uses his beast mode to draw the two fliers away.

Rhinox tries to interface his own systems with the stasis pod to assist the protoform, but is disconnected by feedback and left trapped in his own beast mode.

Cheetor fries Waspinator with some maneuvering around one of the local natural energon geysers. However, Terrorsaur is able to score a direct hit on Cheetor, and proceeds to the now-unprotected pod. At the last possible moment, the pod scans a bird circling overhead, providing the biological information needed to complete the new Maximal.

The fresh-from-case avian Transformer drags Terrorsaur away from the crash site. His attempts to fry the bird with gunfire are dodged. Announcing her name to be Airazor, the new Maximal transforms and blasts the Predacon to pieces.

Back at the Axalon, Rhinox and Cheetor introduce the rest of the Maximals to their new friend.


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