Tracks (G1 cartoon)

Tracks in the art picture.

Tracks is a little bit of a narcissist, according to his Autobot buddies, and it's hard for him to stay lighthearted and gay under such criticism. He attributes it to jealousy, since few Autobots are so well-endowed with a sleek, muscular, and tastefully decorated sports car mode as his.

The truth is, Tracks's armament is considerable. In the wink of an eye, he can erect his hardened launcher shafts and deploy two flaming incendiary missiles. These projectiles are heat-seeking, seeking out warm Decepticon bodies and striking hard in sensitive places. With his long and powerful "blinding" black beam gun, which negates light, he strikes his enemies in the darkness. Whether defending San Francisco or displaying his trademark moves in Dancitron, Tracks is one fantastically flamboyant fighter!

Tracks can even fly like a butterfly by deploying his secret, hidden wings from their protective closet.

He should be a dangerous opponent, but his concern with preserving his stylish appearance and poor ability to work with fellow Autobots hampers him. Often he simply cruises the metro area alone all night, looking for Decepticons worthy of his attentions. Tracks may not always get along with his friends, but he knows his enemies. He knows them very well, indeed.

His alt-mode is a Chevrolet Corvette C3 car.

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