Trailbreaker (G1 cartoon)

Trailbreaker in the art picture.

It's hard not to like Trailbreaker. He's a good-humored cheerleader, always ready with a joke or comment to lighten the mood when things get dark. Sadly, Trailbreaker's joking is often a cover for his low self-esteem. His form is the most fuel-consumptive of the Ark crew, and his vehicle mode is very slow. As such, he feels like a useless drain on their limited resources. Other days, he feels like a one-trick-pony whose talents are taken for granted. It's not uncommon to see him burying his woes in a tall glass of liquor that can push a warworld into hyperspace.

The Autobots know better, of course. Trailbreaker's good humor, bravery, and impenetrable force field and magnawheels are all of great use, and he knows how to make the most out of both his abilities. But convincing him of that is hard. Once he starts moping about his handicaps, nothing short of a strong push in the right direction will get him in gear.

He is sometimes known as Trailcutter or Trailblazer.

His alt-mode is a Toyota Hilux 4WD camper truck.

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