Triggerhappy in the art picture.

Triggerhappy is a nutball. You get them in the Decepticons from time to time. He's generally found drooling and/or giggling wildly. He's been that way ever since an incident at Decepticon boot camp, in which he was firing while surfing on his hoverboard, but fell off and hit his head. He remained firing all the while and ended up disintegrating half a dozen other Decepticons. The camp commander was impressed and graduated Triggerhappy on the spot. Nobody is sure if it's an act or if he suffered processor damage in the fall. What is known is that he pays very little attention to where he's shooting but LOVES the sound his gun makes when fired. Good idea arming him there, Megatron.

Triggerhappy is binary-bonded with Blowpipe, the conniving, envious brother-in-law of Nebulan leader Zarak.

His alt-mode is a Jet Fighter.


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