Decepticon Vehicons

Decepticon Vehicons in the art picture.

Vehicons are the Decepticon footsoldiers their alt modes are the Sports car, Tank, Jet, Submarine, Helicopter and Truck. Their counterparts are the Autotroopers.


  • Vehicons in Sports Car Mode.
  • Vehicons in tank Mode.
  • Vehicons in Jet Mode.
  • Vehicons in Submarine Mode.
  • Vehicons in Helicopter Mode
  • Vehicons in Truck Mode.
  • Vehicon Commander.
  • Vehicon Captain.
  • Vehicon Sergeant.
  • Vehicon Lieutenant.
  • Vehicon Medic.
  • Vehicon Security.
  • Vehicon Firefighter.
  • Vehicon Private.
  • Vehicon Miner.
  • Vehicon Diver.
  • Vehicon Scientist.
  • Vehicon Pilot.
  • Vehicon Weapon Specialist.
  • Vehicon Paratrooper.
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