Wheelie (G1 cartoon)

Wheelie in the art picture.

The diminutive Wheelie is an Autobot child,
But don't let your guard down; he can get pretty wild!
He's oft-underestimated and called hurtful things,
But Wheelie suffers not such cruel arrows and slings!

You see, Wheelie survives; it's simply what he does.
Nothing can keep him down. How is that? It's because
He's spent years honing his skills on planets not unlike Hell,
Fighting Sharkticons and Quintessons and doing it well.

So despite his tender age and unassuming looks,
Wheelie's the best survivalist you'll find on the books!

And yet all that considered, Wheelie's still just a kid
Prone to pouting and pranking and flipping his lid.
He hangs out with Daniel; they're kindred spirits and such,
Causing all sorts of trouble with their mischievous touch!

For whatever reason (the origins can vary),
Wheelie rhymes all his speech in a manner quite merry.
This can drive others crazy, but Wheelie doesn't care;
He'll survive all their whining with smugness to spare.
His critics may hate him or even wish he would die.
Wheelie's reaction to them: Here's death in your eye!

His alt-mode is a Street Race Car, They don't know what they are.

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