A Woodsprite from James Cameron's Avatar.

A woodsprite (Na'vi name: atokirina') is a seed of the Tree of Souls that lives on Pandora. These seeds, according to the Na'vi, are very pure and sacred spirits. Furthermore, these seeds are believed to be auspicious wheresoever they choose to rest. They are similar in appearance to small deep-sea jellyfish, but they float on the wind like dandelion seeds, possibly aided in this by the denser atmosphere on Pandora. Woodsprites also hold ritual importance. The Omaticaya clan plants one of these seeds with the body of a deceased Na'vi, so the Na'vi's consciousness will become part of Eywa. In Avatar, many woodsprites lay on Jake Sully, resulting in Neytiri taking him to the clan's Hometree because she interpreted this event as a sign from Eywa. They often gather in areas of mythological importance, such as the Cavern of Songs, and are seen as the bearers of omens and signs.

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