Wreck-Gar in the art picture.

Wreck-Gar is a product of his environment. Unfortunately, this environment is the Planet of Junkion, a distant world of trash which is bombarded by old Earth television broadcasts. Not only is Wreck-Gar's mismatched body collected from the detritus around him, but his mind is an equally mismatched hodgepodge of Earthling pop culture. These humans' cheesy slogans and sales pitches from decades past form the patchwork of Wreck-Gar's scatterbrained personality.

It is with this demeanor that Wreck-Gar leads the Junkions, a tribe (or possibly race) of junk-robot Transformers who inhabit his world. Despite the pop culture of his race being derived from strangers light years away, Wreck-Gar can be strongly xenophobic towards intruders. Thankfully, this attitude is easily broken, and once he befriends you, he will be a selfless ally. He oversees his people's daily activities of "sorting" through their planet's collection of scrap, though what basis they use to sort the material has yet to be identified. He seems to have some sort of relationship with a Junkion lady named Nancy.

In battle, Wreck-Gar is easy to knock down, but near-impossible to keep down, thanks to the unique physiology of the Junkions. He tends to lose pieces easily when he takes damage, but he can repair that damage with lightning speed, and it's possible that even if he's reduced to a pile of parts it's only a short time before he's back on his feet again swinging his axe. This rapid-healing ability reaches almost instantaneous speed on his home planet of Junk, or anywhere he can get his hands on scrap metal. Wreck-Gar wields, in addition to his energy axe, a decelerator laser that can bring the cerebral activity of its victim to a lumbering halt.

Steadfast and dependable, powerful and unexpectedly wise, Wreck-Gar reveals himself to be much more than the sum of his parts.

His alt-mode is a Garbage Truck.


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